KKAF is an international group of companies offering premier security, transportation of values, medical, rescue, and consulting services.

We provide both comprehensive programs and focused interventions to serve the best interests of the client.

  • Armed escort of ships by our experts

  • Ship convoy (by our ships) with armed experts

  • Provision of sophisticated offshore threat data and analysis, when applicable

  • Logistics in the maritime environment in conditions of piracy or naval acts

  • Customs and border control

  • Protection of seaports

  • Protection of offshore platforms and pipelines

  • Installation of special purpose equipment onboard ships in conditions of war or acts of piracy

  • Intelligence operations


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We develop solutions to resolve, to support and to install physical and electronic systems of safety.


We offer services specialized in protection of information, technologies of the information and communications.


We offer safety solutions for specific risks, in areas or delimited zones, offering a service professional and personalized according to the needs of the business.


It manages the safety of your company from the same center. We rely on advanced technology that it allows to integrate all the systems of safety to react rapidly and with efficiency.


We help to your company to obtain a unit of intelligence that obtains information to be analyzed, processed and interpreted for his correct use. Our services integrate safety and guarantee the correct functioning of your business.


We plan, develop and coordinate activities related to the safety in the airports, his workers and the passengers.


Cyberattacks are a part of the current atmosphere of network computing devices. Due to this reality, KKAF pushes forth with industry best practices in order to reduce security vulnerabilities in our products.

KKAF cybersecurity assurance efforts are built into the lifecycle of its products, including development, verification, manufacturing, delivery and service. We are constantly evaluating and enhancing our cybersecurity efforts in order to provide our valued customers with the highest quality and most reliable products. Although KKAF cannot protect standardized network protocols and services from cyberattacks, we are committed to helping minimize and stopping such events from occurring on KKAF products.


Design and grow a security operations program to defend against advanced threat actors

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The goal of the Cyber Defense Center Development service is to help you better manage your security process and successfully resolve future cyber threats. To achieve this, the Cyber Defense Center Development service draws on extensive Mandiant consultancy experience to help you expand or build your own computer incident response team or security operations center.

Cybersecurity management

KKAF follows industry best practices in building our security solutions, product design and the development of unalterable software at 3rd party tests and reviews:


  • Follows the Open Web Application Web Application (OWASP) guideline. 10 points to follow for the lot device, the mobile, and website codes.

  • Perform reviews of Internal Product Safety Code.

  • Applies Static Code analysis to ensure software reliability and quality of code.

  • Evidence of behavior penetration by Devcore, a 3rd counselor for review and recommendation.

  • Provides the Vulnerability Policy, Armoring Guide, and Security Notices for users to understand your cybersecurity and risk needs.

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