Moran Security Group is an international group of companies offering premier security, transportation, medical, rescue, and consulting services.

We provide both comprehensive programs and focused interventions to serve the best interests of the client.

  • Armed escort of ships by our experts

  • Ship convoy (by our ships) with armed experts

  • Provision of sophisticated offshore threat data and analysis, when applicable

  • Logistics in the maritime environment in conditions of piracy or naval acts

  • Customs and border control

  • Protection of seaports

  • Protection of offshore platforms and pipelines

  • Installation of special purpose equipment onboard ships in conditions of war or acts of piracy

  • Intelligence operations


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Av. De la Palma 6, Piso 1. La Herradura, 

Huixquilucan. 52784, Estado de México, México


55 1659 0198 / 99


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