KKAF has long been a leader in the international shipments of banknotes between financial institutions. Our team is ready to assist financial institutions in the planning, coordination and ultimate delivery of their banknotes to the correspondent banks abroad. With over 22 years of experience in this industry, KKAF staff are very well versed in International and Domestic guidelines with regards to the movement of banknotes abroad. 


KKAF is aware of the importance of safety as well as time efficiency in this industry. Our services provide peace of mind to our clients, as we offer management of the entire logistical process including:

  • Coordination of your shipments customized to fit your business

  • Transport of commodity from mining sector to refineries


KKAF also transports other valuable commodities such as Precious Metals, Precious Stones, Jewelry, Credit Cards, Data Tapes, and other such valuable commodities. KKAF offers services such as:

  • Coordination of your shipments customized to fit your business

  • Secured transportation

  • Airline handling

  • Consolidation of shipments

  • Submission of custom clearances

  • Secure storage in our bonded warehouse

  • Delivery

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