What is KKAF?


KKAF is an international group of companies offering  premier security, transportation, medical, rescue, and consulting services.

We provide both comprehensive programs and focused interventions to serve the best interests of the client.


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Our strategies are based on in-depth knowledge of complex international and local laws, as well as a keen awareness of the cultural practices and customs of the host country.

We maintain rigorous recruitment standards, certifying that our team members have acquired proper skills during military training and civil service.

We further ensure that our employees have achieved high-level professional competencies, with diverse backgrounds ranging from business and industry to security and the armed forces.

We offer targeted approaches in the world’s current hot spots, such as the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa, which include the enlistment of local experts in these dynamic and highly sensitive environments.

We carefully analyze the goals of the client and assess potential risks, enabling us to minimize danger and promptly respond to any adversity the client may encounter in hazardous zones.

We employ top-drawer military and civil experts with specialized training and hands-on experience in critical countries throughout the Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.

We operate within the following legislative environment:

  • UN Security Council Resolution No. 1816;

  • UN Security Council Resolution No. 1838;

  • UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (Article 105);

  • UN Charter (Article 51);

  • The Code of Conduct for International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement; UN Mine Action Standard;

  • The laws and regulations of the host country.

We are dedicated to maintaining the highest legal, ethical and professional standards. We fully respect all human rights. All staff members are of good character: They are honest, trustworthy, responsible, and disciplined, acting strictly in accordance with their job descriptions. The team abides by our clear policy prohibiting any demand for extra compensation for their services from the client.


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Safety services orientated to the protection of the organizations as for cybernetic threats. Our service guarantees the information system security and communication (TIC) that are in use in the organizations and business for processing, for storing and transmitting information.




We rely on experts as for safety that they offer advising it specifies the clients, in agreement to the areas of need of the organization. We design and implement processes, activities and plans to guarantee the correct functioning of the operations of the company, to protect the persons and the material goods.




We offer identical quality service and to the needs of vigilance of every client; we guarantee well-being and protection.


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Guard’s division


  • Security guards with shifts of:
    12×12, 24×24, 12×36

  • Security guards within the walls

Security guards within the walls

We provide a quality service with the human capital 100 % qualified as for safety representing the image of your company with highly professional personnel.

Proactive patrol

Tactical preventive Patrol of high mobility with wide range of observation and system of rounds programmed for coverage of critical areas, as parkings and exteriors

Division of custodies

  • Custodies of work

  • Custodies of godos in site and in traffic

  • Custodies with satellite tracking

Executive Protection

KKAF offers services of protection and transportation to persons across a commitment of integrity and efficiency, implementing personalized, political solutions of constant improvement and integrated systems of safety of high quality.

Patrimonal Safety

We integrate the technology most advanced with the human resource best qualified to guarantee the safety of your heritage

Consultancy in safety We identify his risks and vulnerabilities creating the best identical solution to his needs


Executive package of confidentiality. Confidence control. Insurance and check. Personal, labor and domiciliary veracity


"We possess safety elements of agreement to the basic profiles that our clients need".


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Customer satisfaction surveys


Our culture of constant improvement integrates the human capital and technology that assures the excellence in our service.

Monthly KKAF realizes Surveys of Satisfaction of Service to our clients on line to assure that the personnel is focused in fulfilling the requirements of the Client. In addition, the system generates a number of ticket for every topic or observation follow-up gives him prop up to coming to the solution to entire satisfaction of the Client.



We use tools of software developed specially by our commercial partners, for KKAF, to take control of the real time operation, monitoring every service and his activities permitting to evaluate indicators of a constant way: Supervision of rondines, response to incidents, administration of orders of position, etc.



KKAF has designed an Operative Control of Process of Service (COES) to control the royal operation and a day with diverse information as main staff, Labor Contract, Slogans, Portación of Uniforms, Minutes, Witness of IMSS's Discharges, Witnesses of Labor Skills DC-3, between others, accessible at all time for our Clients


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