Conditions throughout the world are becoming increasingly strained, as international wars, hunger, piracy, terrorism, economic crises and climate change contribute to the hazards and concerns of daily life.

Effective solutions begin with the meticulous analysis of these security threats, as well as the development of a range of robust options for their control.  When operations are established in the context of a global environment, it is vital to begin with security planning.

We will be pleased to assist you in implementing the following security measures: 

  • Project risk and vulnerability assessment

  • Financial intelligence 

  • Scenario development for red-zone environments

  • Consulting 

  • Security audits

  • Security management

  • Special measures in kidnapping and hijacking response 

  • Maritime traffic security

  • Sea-lane security 

  • Internal and external investigation 

  • Business continuity planning 

  • Crisis management 

  • Media actions


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